Fermented Cod Liver Oil

For thousands of years, fermented cod liver oil was recognised for its health benefits throughout European cultures. From Nordic tribes to the aristocrats of the Roman Empire, fermented cod liver oil was known for its nutritional benefits. By releasing the nutrient-rich oil of Atlantic Cod livers through carefully controlled lacto-fermentation, the nutrients in the oil are not only preserved, but enriched. The resulting oil is abundant in a variety of important nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin Dvitamin Avitamin K, and many more.

With our modern understanding of foods science, Armorica has refined this process to keep all the beneficial elements of the process and remove or avoid the undesirable ones. It has taken a number of years to perfect the process, and produce a highly nutritious and natural cod liver oil.

We are extremely proud of the Fermented Cod Liver Oil we have produced, and all batches are tested at independent laboratories for quality and safety to ensure that you get nothing but the very best.

Key Benefits

Great for Health

Our oil contains a full spectrum of omega-3 fatty acids, a range of essential vitamins & more, which are essential for your heart, bones & immune system.

3rd Party Tested

We adhere to strict food standards, & our product is tested for quality, purity, and safety by independent third-party laboratories.

Raw Food

Production at low temperatures and without chemicals protects the entire spectrum of important nutrients in the oil.

Environmentally friendly

From sourcing raw materials to the final packaging and waste disposal. Every step of our production is done with sustainability in mind.