Glycerol use in Veg Capsule shell

We spent a long time looking at different materials that can make a capsule suitable for our fermented cod liver oil, and based on feedback from customers, we decided to incorporate glycerol. Glycerol is a simple polyol compound, that naturally occurs throughout nature, and in our body. We chose it for its ability to improve both the quality and efficacy of the supplements. Here, I’ll discuss the rationale behind using glycerol, highlighting its practical advantages from a more measured perspective.

Improving Texture and Swallowability

Glycerol’s inclusion was partly due to its naturally sweet taste and smooth texture. This characteristic of glycerol can make supplement capsules easier and more pleasant to swallow, an important consideration for individuals who struggle with pills or are put off by unpleasant textures and tastes. This practical benefit influenced our decision, as we have had complaints about how hard the previous capsule shell was.

Safety Profile

Another critical factor in our decision was glycerol’s safety profile. Globally recognized by regulatory bodies as generally safe for consumption, glycerol naturally occurs in the body, meaning it’s well-tolerated and poses no adverse effects when used in dietary supplements. This compliance with safety standards was a key consideration, ensuring our products are not only effective but also safe for consumer use.


The role of glycerol in our supplement capsules is not merely as a filler. It was chosen for its ability to enhance the stability of the supplements and to improve their texture, making them easier to ingest. Its safety profile reassures us and our consumers of the minimal risks associated with its use.

The inclusion of glycerol in our products reflects a deliberate choice in our ingredient selection process, aimed at improving the quality and experience of our nutritional products. While the use of glycerol is a technical decision, it aligns with our broader commitment to product quality and consumer safety.

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