Sustainable packaging solutions are a core part of ensuring our business is ecologically friendly. At every step of our production and shipping, we have taken great care to select the most appropriate packaging.

Postage Materials

All our products are shipped in recycled/ recyclable cardboard boxes. We may also from time to time re-used boxes that we have been sent goods in (so you may receive your order in an unusual box).

We protect our products with Eco-Fil void fill. Eco-Fil looks and feels like common polystyrene packaging peanuts/ popcorn. However, it is a sustainable alternative made from corn (and actually smells a little bit like popcorn). It readily dissolves in water, and can even be added to your compost!

We may also from time to time re-use packaging materials that we have received goods in, so you may receive your order wrapped in bubble wrap or other packaging that isn’t Eco-Fil.

Product Materials

Where possible, we use recyclable/ recycled materials. Our product boxes are made with recycled 100% recycled paper and protected with environmentally friendly Aqueous Coating, making the entire box 100% recyclable.

Our glass bottles can be recycled and will be collected by most recyclable waste collections. Although if in doubt, please contact your local waste authority to confirm.