Environmental Toxin of Cod Liver Oil Samples

The below graph shows the average toxicity of ARMORICA’s cod liver oil compared to 32 samples of other cod liver oil readily available on the UK market.The dotted line (at 6ng/kg) represents the EU maximum limit.

From the graph you can see that of the 32 samples, only 19 meet the EU regulations for environmental toxins. Of those 19 cod liver oil samples, only 1 contains a lower TEQ than ARMORICA’s fermented cod liver oil.

To put this into perspective, ARMORICA’s fermented cod liver oil contains significantly fewer environmental toxins than typical meat products. This information not only highlights the low toxicity of the oil we produce but also shows that nearly half of cod liver oils on the market do not meet safe levels of these toxins.

For further information, please read our article on environmental toxins.

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    Could you help interpret these result please?

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