Cod Liver Oil & Repeating Flavours

Ever had a burp a few hours after eating something, and the flavors of that food come back? It isn’t particularly pleasant, even if the food was originally quite nice the first time it went down. Now imagine a food that you don’t actually like the taste of coming back to get you when you have your guard down. It is pretty horrible…not to mention the experience of those in your immediate vicinity.

These repeating flavours come from your stomach. Food can sit there for some time breaking down, and this can release some gasses which come out as a flavour-full burp. There is little you can do about this with meals, but fortunately, it isn’t a common problem for most foods. However, fish oils are one of those foods that can give you repeating flavours. They are also one of the flavours that you probably won’t want to taste again, and even if you don’t mind it, the company you keep might not be too excited about it. So, managing the repeating flavours of fish oils is important.

Capsulesfermented cod liver oil capsules

For those really offended by the taste of fish oils, taking capsules is the only option, but capsules made from gelatin or cellulose break down very quickly in the stomach. This can still lead to the fishy flavours repeating on you. The best capsules to take to avoid repeating flavours are slow-releasing ones, such as Algigel capsules. Algigel capsules are made with gelatin and a seaweed extract, which prevents them from breaking down quickly. These capsules stay intact until the intestines, preventing fishy flavours from coming back. Do they work? Well, I am always pleased to see that when our Algigel Capsules get mentioned in a review, it is always related to them preventing fishy flavours. Have a read for yourself.


The good news is if you are taking liquid cod liver oil, you are familiar with the flavour, the bad news is flavour from liquids is harder to control. The fish oil is already there in your stomach waiting for a burp to catch you off guard. There are some solutions though. Taking the oil with strong flavours, such as Lemon Oil can mask the flavours.

Liquids & Capsules

If you take either of these in isolation (i.e not with a meal), they will sit in your stomach until something substantial comes along and stimulates the digestive tract to move. Taking either in isolation is like playing Russian Roulette with the flavours, slow-release capsule or not. To avoid fishy flavours it is always advisable to take cod liver oil before a meal (typically breakfast). The food will get the digestive tract moving and help move the fish oils from the stomach to the intestines where it can’t bother you again.

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