Fermented cod liver oil Availability & Update


Following the release of our 200ml Fermented Cod Liver Oil not too long ago, we are pleased to announce its wider availability online. It can now be purchased online on Amazon.co.uk and eBay. Currently, these are all shipped from the UK, although there are international shipping options on our own store, eBay, and possibly Amazon. We will keep the ‘where to buy fermented cod liver oil‘ page updated with stocking information so you can purchase where is best for you. We do plan on stocking in Europe towards the end of the year to make it easier for our European customers to access our products. We are currently working through how to manage the new border arrangements between the UK and EU.

We are very excited to have our first review of our liquid product and very happy to see that the flavour has been well received! If you have tried the liquid product, we would of course be very happy to hear from you (the good and the bad).


Progress with producing our original Fermented Cod Liver Oil 120 capsule product is underway, and our fermented cod liver oil is with the encapsulation company as I type, and undergoing their validation requirements. In case you missed the previous update on the capsule product, we have made some changes to the capsules, which I hope you enjoy. I know I am excited for them!

Rather than the traditional cellulose capsules, our fermented cod liver oil will be encapsulated in an algae-gelatin matrix. The capsule itself will appear and feel like a typical gelatin capsule (i.e soft and a bit flexible), however, they have a number of advantages:

  • Reduced reflux from cod liver oils
  • Delayed release of contents
  • Reduced taste of contents
  • Reduced ‘repeating’ flavours (e.g fishy ‘burps’)
  • No need to thicken with beeswax

Considering most people take the capsule products because they do not like the taste of liquid cod liver oil, we believe the benefits of the algae-based capsules will help people taking the product, especially because it combats repeating fishy flavours, which no one wants.

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