Fermented Cod Liver Oil Algigel Capsules – Available Now!

We are really excited to announce that we ahve completed the production of our Fermented Cod Liver Oil algigel capsules, and they are available in 120 capsules and 60 capsules.

What are Algigel Capsules?

Algigel capsules are really exciting. They are a combination of seaweed extract and gelatin. The seaweed extract slows down the digestion of the capsule shell, which means the contents are released much more slowly than conventional gelatin capsules. This is particularly important if, like many people, you do not like the repeating flavors that cod liver oil capsules can give. With the oil being released further down the digestive system, these capsules help to combat repeating ‘fishy’ flavours that are a common complaint with cod liver oil capsules.

The capsule itself has no flavour, their shape is a typical softgel shape, and they are very easy to swallow, so they are the ideal capsule for people who really don’t like the taste of cod liver oils.

fermented cod liver oil capsules

Each capsule contains 500mg of our raw fermented cod liver oil, with 2 capsules providing nearly half of your daily vitamin D requirements and many more vitamins and important omega-3 fatty acids. It is a great and convenient way to boost your nutrient intake, especially if you don’t like the flavour of cod liver oil.

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