Product Update – Vegetarian Capsules

Following several requests over the years, our Fermented Cod Liver Oil Capsules will now be made with vegetarian capsules, rather than the algigel capsules. For the most part, you won’t notice the difference. The capsules will remain 500mg transparent oval softgels. However, the capsule will be softer than the algigel capsules. This softness is normal for vegetarian capsules, and isn’t a result of moisture. This change will take place on our next batch (0826) and as we are nearly out of our previous batch, you can expect them from our retailers by the end of September.

Why Have We Made These Changes?

The advantage of the algigel capsules was their slow release mechanism, which prevented fishy flavours from repeating. However, the mixture of bovine gelatine and algae extract made the shell very hard. We had a few customers complain that this made it difficult to swallow. In addition to this, we have had several customers wanting to take our fermented cod liver oil, but because of the gelatine, were unable to.

As most people take supplements with meals, which helps prevent undesirable flavours from repeating, we felt that the benefits were not outweighing the negatives. So following the feedback from the last couple of years, we took the decision to switch to vegetarian capsules.

Take Away

The important takeaway from this is that the new capsules will be softer, and this is completely normal. Additionally, if you do like to take your capsules on an empty stomach, you may want to consider taking your supplements with a meal. The time of day you take cod liver oil isn’t important, and it is better for digestion and absorption to take supplements with food.

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