Important Information for EU Customers

We are extremely grateful for all the customers we have in the EU, and it is very frustrating that the UK/ EU border is causing additional costs to our EU customers. Fortunately, I am pleased to share with you all that there is now a solution for dealing with the UK/ EU border.

Our retail partner has worked out a solution through the recently created Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) scheme, which allows import fees to be paid upfront by the shipper, allowing the goods to pass quickly through customs, and more importantly, no additional charges or delays at customs. This means that the price you pay at the checkout is the final amount you pay, ultimately saving you money, and you will get your parcel much quicker.

For the time being, the best way to access this service is through your local Amazon Marketplace (links below). I know many of you like to order directly from us, and we do greatly appreciate that, but the new UK/EU border is currently a costly obstacle, and this is currently the best solution for our customers. We are always looking into ways to get our products to our customers in the most efficient ways, and should things change in the future we will be sure to make sure you are updated.

This information will be made available at the ‘Where to Buy Fermented Cod Liver Oil‘ page, but for your convenience here they are:

Germany – Fermented Cod Liver Oil 200ml (with organic Sicilian Lemon) – €35.95

France Fermented Cod Liver Oil 200ml (with organic Sicilian Lemon) – €33.95

Italy Fermented Cod Liver Oil 200ml (with organic Sicilian Lemon) – €33.95

Spain Fermented Cod Liver Oil 200ml (with organic Sicilian Lemon) – €35.95

It is important to note that these orders are still being shipped from the UK, and so delivery will be approximately 5-7 days. Our retail partner stores all our products in suitable conditions and has a regular supply of stock, so you need not worry about getting short-dated stock if you don’t order directly from ourselves.

Of course, if you have any questions about any of this, please do feel free to send us an email with any questions.

Armorica Team

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