Vitamin K2 & D3

Vitamin K2 and D3 are an increasingly popular combination of vitamins to supplement your diet with. More and more, you will see these two vitamins together in supplements, and with good reason.

These two vitamins are not abundant in modern diets. About half of the population in the UK and the USA have insufficient vitamin D levels, and up to 31% are deficient in vitamin K. These are significant sections of the population.

Roles in the BodyVitamin K2 and D3

Vitamin D is most noted for its role in bone health and the immune system. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, which is one of the primary minerals in bone. Its role in the immune system is broader and more complex – the immune system is a complex system, but it is clear that vitamin D is integral to a healthy immune system. From combating cancer, inflammation, and auto-immune diseases, vitamin D supports all aspects of the immune system.

Vitamin K is perhaps not quite as broad and complex as vitamin D, but that makes it no less important. Vitamin K regulates proteins in the skeleton which mineralise the bone. It is therefore essential to ensure both vitamin D, and vitamin K levels are sufficient to support bone health. One, without the other, will simply not have the same impact in strengthening bones.

Vitamin K is also very important for the cardiovascular system through its role in calcium regulation. Calcium in arteries reduces their flexibility, which increases blood pressure and puts increased stress on the circulatory system. This then leads to an increased risk of heart failure and other health issues with the cardiovascular system.

Best Form to Take

Both vitamin D and vitamin K come in different chemical structures, which have different bioavailability. Vitamin D is found as D3 (animal) and D2 (plant), and vitamin K can be found as K1 (plant), K2 (animal), and K3 (synthetic). Typically, the animal form is the best, because this is the form that our body can utilise most efficiently. Plant forms require conversion in the body into animal form, and the conversion is not 100% efficient. So, the best forms are vitamin D3, and vitamin K2.


fortified fermented cod liver oil blend

It is also regularly recommended to take both vitamin K2 and D3 with omega-3 fatty acids. Like vitamins D and K, much of the population does not have sufficient levels of these essential fats. Omega-3 fatty acids also work really well with both these vitamins and support both the immune and cardiovascular systems. A combination of vitamin K2 with fish oil is therefore ideal for most people.

Despite the popularity and importance of these 3 nutrients, they are not commonly found together in many supplements. This is what lead us to create our Fortified Fermented Cod Liver Oil. This is a unique blend of our Fermented Cod Liver Oil with Natto, which is the richest natural source of vitamin K2.

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