How Environmentally Friendly is Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

The impact of human activity on the world is causing detrimental effects, and there is no doubt that human behaviour needs to be sustainable, and our resources renewable. We have taken great steps to ensure that our fermented cod liver oil is sustainable and environmentally friendly, from start to finish.

Cod Livers

Cod livers, particularly in the United Kingdom, are typically considered a waste product for cod fillets. Cod caught are gutted on board the fishing vessel and the waste products (including the liver) are thrown overboard. When we were first exploring the possibility of creating a cod liver oil in the UK, we were surprised how hard it was to convince fishermen there was value to the livers they were throwing away.

The demand for cod fillets outweighs the demand for cod livers globally, and so despite their immense nutritional value, cod livers are considered waste. From an environmental standpoint, cod liver oil is quite unique in that despite being a fishery product, it doesn’t take any additional toll on the fish stock.

Even with this in mind, it is important that our cod livers are supplied from sustainable stock. We are happy to say that our cod livers come from cod stocks are well monitored and caught in line with strict UK and EU sustainability regulations. All over the world cod have been heavily fished and their populations brought dangerously low. Our cod are caught from a growing population.


Although we do use modern materials (such as airtight fermentation vats) to ensure a quality product is made, most production methods are traditional with no machinery or equipment. We do not use heat or large industrial equipment to make our oil (just good old elbow grease), and so the energy requirements are very low indeed, and much lower than conventional cod liver oil.

Packaging & Shipping

We do all we can to make sure that our packaging is sustainable. All our bottles are glass, which can be recycled, and our cardboard boxes come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved packaging. This packaging is sourced from sustainable wood, and is of course fully recyclable (or compostable).

Additionally, rather than using bubble wrap, which isn’t widely recycled, we pack our parcels with wood wool. Wood wool has for thousands of years been used to transport delicate materials such as clay pottary, and so is quite suitable for protecting glass too. This wood wool is also FSC approved, and can be composted.

High Quality & Environmentally Friendly

We are very proud that we have created a high-quality product that also is environmentally friendly. We don’t use plastics, we don’t use high energy extraction methods and we do not use cod that are unsustainable. Our fermented cod liver oil is both good for the environment as well as your health.