Welcome to an updated Armorica

I would like to start by saying a big ‘thank-you‘ to everyone that has supported us so far. Your enthusiasm for the project has been amazing and we appreciate everything so very much.

I would also like to deeply apologise for having the website down for so long and no news on how products are progressing. Although there has not been a great deal of customer-facing news, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes which we are excited to share with you. The most important news of course is that we do have a batch of livers fermenting away. The process takes time, obviously, but we do expect to have some oil ready in the Summer. We will of course keep updates coming regarding production as developments happen.

And so, onto what is new…

Product changes

We’ve taken on the feedback we’ve had from you all, and we are excited to let you know we’ve made some changes to the product. Don’t worry, the oil is still produced from the fermentation of cod livers. However, there were defiantly improvements we could make to the capsule. We will be replacing the cellulose capsules with an alginate-based capsule. Alginate is a natural extract from seaweed, which resonates much more strongly with the nature of the product and has a number of benefits over conventional cellulose capsules:

  • Reduced reflux from cod liver oils
  • Delayed release of contents
  • Reduced taste of contents
  • Reduced ‘repeating’ flavours (e.g fishy ‘burps’)
  • No need to thicken with beeswax

These capsules are very similar to gel-caps you may have come across in other cod liver oils.

We are also giving the product label a re-vamp. This mainly for aesthetics, but we will also be including some other languages to better accommodate our customers from overseas.

New products

We’ve had lots of people asking for a liquid product, and this is something we are aiming to release in the next 4-6 weeks. There will only be a small amount of the liquid product available as this is very much a pilot run so we can judge interest. If you’d like to know when it is ready for sale, please do add your email to the sign-up form at the bottom of the page.

Facility & Website

Last year we were busy designing, building, and equipping a new unit for the production of our oil, and it is exciting that, despite the challenges of Covid, we have finished it and have livers fermenting there. With more space to ferment, more laboratory equipment, and an overall better space we can grow and develop more products.

To go along with our new production facility, we decided to give our website a much-needed update. It is relatively bare at the moment, but there is more to come as we make more developments with the products, etc.

That is all from us for now. If you’d like to be updated with production please add your details below.

Thanks – The Armorica Team.