How is Armorica Fermented Cod Liver Oil made?

Armorica Fermented Cod Liver Oil is based on a traditional process used thousands of years ago. Although we use modern materials, and include a stage to remove environmental pollutants, the process is still very simple and traditional:

The catch

On the last day of fishing, the cod caught are gutted, and the livers are stored in the cold room along with the fillets. A typical fishing trip for these vessels is 4 days, with fish being caught throughout. However, to ensure we have the freshest livers, we only use the livers from the last day’s catch.

Fishermen land their vessel and the livers are immediately packed and shipped to us on ice. The livers are never frozen, but from the moment they are caught they are kept in a climate controlled environment.

The process

We gently inspect and wash the livers in fresh water, and layer with salt in the fermenting vats.  Once a vat is full, we add the starter culture and seal the vat with an air lock. The vat is then stored in the dark. The time from catch to processing is so short that we are fermenting livers even before the fishmongers put the fillets from the same catch out for sale.

Within hours the salt has drawn out the water from the livers and the fermentation process begins.

The vats are left to ferment for a number months. We keep an eye on the vats to make sure the process is going well, and check to see when they are ready. Very little is needed from us at this point other than patience and a watchful eye.

the extraction

Once the fermentation process is complete, we can begin to extract the oil. We  filter off the oil through our own combination of natural fibres, plant material and clay, which removes debris and environmental toxins. This process is very gentle, and the oil is not heated or exposed to any harsh chemicals. It is slow , but it does keep the oil in a natural state with all the natural nutrients intact.

The oil is then mixed with a small amount of beeswax (to thicken the oil), before being encapsulated in cellulose capsules. The capsules are then filled into opaque glass jars, which are flushed with nitrogen gas before sealing.

We take a number of samples of the oil and send them to a 3rd party lab for testing. We run lots of different tests from different labs to make sure the oil is as we want it. We have published some of our test results here if you wanted to know more about them.

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