Product FAQ

Where are the cod caught?

All our cod livers are from cod caught in the Atlantic Ocean/ North Sea, not far from the Shetland Islands. All the fisheries we use are responsible and meet UK and EU standards for traceability and sustainability.

What species of Cod do you use?

All cod livers are from the species Gadus Morhua, which is commonly known as Atlantic Cod. No other species of cod or other fish are used.

How is Armorica Fermented Cod Liver Oil made?

In short, cod livers are fermented in a high salt brine. As the livers break down they release the oil which can then be filtered off.

Do you have the oil tested at third party laboratory?

All the oil we produce is tested for quality and safety with independent laboratories.

Is the Armorica fermented cod liver oil organic?

Our cod are wild, not farmed. As such, you cannot get an organic accreditation for ‘wild’, however, being wild does mean it is completely natural, and the cod have only eaten what they can naturally find in the wild.

What is the recommended serving size?

We suggest 2-4 capsules, or 5ml (depending on the product you take).

Is Armorica cod liver oil environmentally friendly?

Cod are primarily caught for their fillets, and the livers are considered a waste product. Many fishermen in the UK throw the livers overboard because the demand for cod fillets is greater than the livers. No additional cod are caught to make our cod liver oil. In addition to this, the fisheries we use are MSC accredited, and adhere to the UK and EU sustainable and responsible fishing regulations.

We also use recyclable packaging materials. All our products are shipped in cardboard boxes with wood wool for protection.

What are the capsules made of?

Our capsules are made out of algigel (seaweed extract) and gelatin matrix. This helps to reduce the repeating flavours and slowly releases the capsule contents.

How is the 200ml product flavoured?

We do not use artificial flavours. The organic lemon oil comes from pressed lemon rinds grown in Sicily. Being an oil, it mixes very well with the cod liver oil.

Shop FAQ

I've made an order, but received no confirmation email/ dispatch email?

After placing an order you should get an email confirming it, and another one when the order is dispatched. If you haven’t got this email, please check your spam. Emails going to ‘Spam’ is the most common problem, and is easily avoidable in the future by marking these emails as ‘not spam’. Failing that, check with your bank or ourselves to make sure the order has actually gone through.

Can I place an order over the phone?

No – for security reasons, we cannot accept payment over the phone, and can only accept payment online. Payments made online are done so securely through either PayPal or Stripe (online payment gateways).

Can I return a product?

You can of course return a product if for any reason you are unhappy with it. Please contact us to arrange this.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Orders are shipped out the day after you order them, and should arrive within 1-2 days.

What packaging do you use?

Orders are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes, and padded with compostable wood wool. Sometimes we may reuse packaging material that we have received goods in, as a form of recycling.

What are your pots made of?

The pots are made of an opaque brown glass, which can be recycled.

Do I need to be in to receive my order?

Orders are shipped with a tracked service, so usually a signature is required. We recommend choosing an address where someone will be in to receive the goods.

Are my details safe/ what is the sites security & privacy policy?

We take privacy and security very seriously. All payment details are handled by transaction providers (either PayPal or Stripe) and our website is secured with SSL encryption. You can read more about security and privacy here.

How will Brexit impact my order to the EU?

The result of the Brexit vote has put a customs border between the UK and EU, and as a result, any orders to the EU will incur import charges. These will vary from country to country, and we do recommend that you find out what charges will apply to you before ordering.

To try and help our customers in the EU and the rest of the worldd, we have reduced our international shipping rate to £6.99.