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In a previous post, we briefly discussed the storage conditions. Generally, you do not need to store fermented cod liver oil in the fridge. Our guidelines are to store somewhere that is cool and dry. Although this is quite vague and has different interpretations, most people understand it to mean out of the fridge, and out of sunlight, which we do too. For example, keeping it in a kitchen cupboard or similar. However, to be more specific ‘cool and dry’ means to store in temperatures at or below 15 °C. There is some flexibility to this, but this is the general guidelines for ‘cool and dry’.

However, in the last couple of months, most of Europe has seen temperatures well over 20°C, and some parts even hit 40°C. These temperatures are not ideal storage conditions, and so certainly in the Summer months, we would suggest storing your fermented cod liver oil in the fridge. If you live in Southern Europe or warmer climates then you may want to store your fermented cod liver oil in the fridge all year round.


When making and testing the product we made the assumption that it would be stored in a cool and dry environment, and so it was these conditions we tested it in. Although, as we’ve said, ‘cool’ is open to interpretation, it is not expected to exceed room temperature (~20°C). for prolonged periods of time. We are after all from the UK and anticipated this to be our primary market, and it is much cooler than most of Europe.

With this hot weather, we have been informed by a small number of customers, particularly in Italy, that some capsules are becoming sticky and leaking. Sticky capsules are not fun! So, for this reason, please do carefully consider the storage, and if in any doubt, keep them in the fridge.

Another consideration is the shelf life of the product. We simply have not tested the oil when stored in excess of 30°C for long periods of time.

So the take-home message here really is if in doubt store your fermented cod liver oil in the fridge 🙂

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