Fermented Cod Liver Oil Reviews & Comments

Reviews & Comments

With it being roughly a year since we first went online to sell our fermented cod liver oil, we thought it would be time to share and discuss some of the reviews we’ve had that particularly stood out to us.

Lets start with a review from our own web-shop:

I generally don’t like cod liver oil. It always repeated (yuk!) and felt a chore to take. This is completely different. I’ve not had a single problem (other than a capsule leaked in mine too). Tastes ok, easy to take, no coming back up and my body loves it. I’ve recommended it to my teeth healing therapist.

5 Stars – Rosie

First of all – thanks! We are glad you liked it, and your comment brings up some good points.

It is great you are not having repeating problems with our oil, and that your body ‘loves it’. Many cod liver oils do have a problem where the flavour can repeat on the consumer. It isn’t particularly pleasant. It is good to hear you don’t have that issue with our oil.

You mentioned a leaky capsule. We are sorry that you have experienced this. Whilst we have tried to make changes to our process to minimize this risk, we have learnt from some customers that a cause of this is improper storage conditions. Usually storing fermented cod liver oil in a cupboard is fine, but with the recent hot summer, some places have gotten too hot and caused the capsule to leak. We covered it briefly here, and if you are at all concerned, please store your bottle in the fridge.

From Amazon.co.uk

I’ve reviewed DHA and EPA before. This time I wanted to save a bit of money and so I bought this product that is made in the UK. There is a slight odour, but that doesn’t put me off, as I take these pills before breakfast and so that way they will not repeat on you. my specific problem was dry eyes. My eyes are now back to normal and I think this occurred in a very short space of time, like under a week, more like 3 days.

I take this product with co-factored nutrients for eye health especially, as I have a tendency to over-use my eyes and I need to give them TLC as a consequence.

4 Stars – Eco China

Eco China – thank you for your review! It is very interesting for us to hear that you have found that our oil has helped your eyes. Whilst it is true that the variety of nutrients make fermented cod liver oil a great health supplement, we have never considered it to be something for eyes.

From Amazon.es (translated)

I have been taking cod liver oil for a while and, despite the smell, I love this brand. 
I keep it in the fridge and take it every day. 
At this time last year (while taking a different brand) I had been sick several times and this year I have been very well. 
So you must be doing something!

4 stars – Melgapin

It is great to see someone else loves the product! However, we didn’t include this review for the praise alone. We know the smell isn’t exactly roses. Many fermented products do not smell particularly nice (give shrimp paste a smell – urgh!). It is their nature. We could de-oderise the product, but that would go against our desire for an authentic product, and de-oderising can damage the nutrients in the oil, which we obviously want to avoid. Whilst it is not particularly nice to smell, at least it is a sign that it is authentic!

From our retail partner Health Cloud LTD

British produced, all natural and sustainable

As I’m getting older now I don’t feel I can satisfy all my dietary needs through food alone. I actually need less calories now so it’s important for me to pack my nutrients into small, concentrated packages. This is where this cod liver oil comes in.
I love that this product is sourced and fermented in the Uk. Cod livers used to be returned to the sea as waste so it’s great to find a use for them. I also admire the material of the packaging being recyclable glass. It is the way forward to be sure.

5 Stars – AJ.

This was a great review for us to read, which is why we wanted to share it. The customer clearly has similar values to our own and recognises our hard work. Sustainable, locally produced, healthy and as eco-friendly as possible. Thank you.

From Amazon.co.uk

Smells and tastes terrible… so fishy… wonder if it is rancid…

3 Stars – Susana

We have covered the smell already. However, we wanted to include this review because it brings up the dreaded ‘R’ word – rancid. Rancidity is a real concern with cod liver oil, and there has been a lot of miss-information about randicity and fermenting cod livers in general. We do test our oil for rancidity and a whole host of other things though, and you can see a sample of our fermented cod liver oil test data here. The tests show that the oil is not at all rancid, and I suspect we will be doing another post to cover this in greater detail.

What are your thoughts?

The reviews have been a great insight for us as to what our customers are experiencing and thinking. Overall, the reviews have been very positive, which we are extremely pleased to see.

Please do feel free to share your experience by writing a review or contacting us with your thoughts, we always do like hearing from you (good or bad).

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